2024-07-18 3:44 PM

F.C. Schools Benefactor Bob Wilden Dies

Bob Wilden, described as a man with a giant heart who searched around the City of Falls Church to find the best ways to donate his financial resources and persuade others to do likewise, died in his sleep early today, May 6.

Mary Margaret Whipple’s Richmond Report

Somehow the month of May seems to be rushing by. Although the Regular Session and the first Special Session of the General Assembly were completed in April, there is still another Special Session on transportation coming up on June 23.

The Peak Oil Crisis: The Transition

While waiting for the price of gasoline to get so high that we can’t afford to drive anymore, there is still some time to ponder just how the great paradigm shift of the 21st century is going to work out.

F.C. School Board Cuts 8 Admin Slots in Budget

Eliminating the equivalent of eight full-time administrative positions, the deepest cut ever for the Falls Church City School System, the F.C. School Board approved a budget Tuesday night that seeks a 3.7% increase in the City’s monetary transfer.

Nicholas F. Benton: China

My exclusive interview this week with a leading health official from the U.S. working on the AIDS crisis in Zambia, Africa, revealed conditions on the ground there almost too horrible to describe. There is no one critical problem there that is not interlinked with at least a half-dozen others and the conventional wisdom is that […]

A Penny For Your Thoughts: The News of Greater Falls Church

Most years, January is a time for planning, not planting. However, warm January temperatures last week allowed many Mason District residents to catch up on late season yard work, including digging to put in liriope, nandina, and other shrubs. It’s also time to consider attending the all-day EcoSavvy Gardening Symposium at Green Spring Gardens on […]

The Peak Oil Crisis: Exxon & Peak Oil

Every now and again, a senior oil company executive speaks optimistically to some august gathering about all the oil that is left. This time the honor fell to Stephen Pryor, president of ExxonMobil Refining. Speaking to a conference in Houston, Mr. Pryor stridently asserted that "energy resources are adequate to sustain growth— we are not […]

The Peak Oil Crisis: Virginia Writes a Plan

Last summer the Commonwealth of Virginia began work on a state Energy Plan in response to legislation adopted in the 2006 General Assembly session. Now it would be nice to think this plan was developed in response to the looming threat of peak oil, but sadly this is not the case.