2024-07-17 5:30 AM

Congressman Moran’s News Commentary

The U.S. home foreclosure rate has hit the highest level in 25 years.  Families across the country are losing their homes. In many cases because falling home prices have made their adjustable rate mortgages no longer affordable.

F.C. City Hall

Pending formal approval by the Falls Church City Council, a $435,000 face lift to the East Wing of the Falls Church City Hall is slated to begin in October. It is not to be confused with a larger, long-term City Hall feasibility plan for which the Council OK’d funds to study this summer. This three-month […]

Katrina Cottages Require Separate Lots in Falls Church

Lowe’s Hardware now has blueprints and supplies for 11 different floor plans of the so-called Katrina Cottages, for sale on its web site. But anyone who’s awaited this opportunity to add the newly-designed, 300-square foot or larger cottage to their backyard for grandma will be disappointed to learn that the City of Falls Church strictly […]

A Penny For Your Thoughts: The News of Greater Falls Church

It was standing room only early Friday morning when the Urban Land Institute 5-Day Advisory Panel (ULI) presented the results of its intensive review of the opportunities for revitalization and redevelopment in the Bailey’s Crossroads area. The long-awaited consultant study was commissioned by Fairfax County to develop a comprehensive strategy to support a revitalized Bailey’s […]