2024-07-14 4:34 AM

Editorial: Sustainability & Civil Rights

Last week’s municipal election in the City of Falls Church will be remembered in years to come as a major inflection point defining the character and viability of the independent jurisdiction going forward into the 21st century.

F.C. Re-Elects Mayor, Rejects Anti-Development Referendum

Baroukh, Webb Win Council Seats, Hockenberry Falls City of Falls Church voters returned Mayor Robin Gardner to a third term on the City Council Tuesday, providing her the highest vote total among seven candidates, and soundly defeated a ballot referendum aimed at deterring the pro-development direction of her leadership.

Editorial: Election a

Tuesday’s election in the City of Falls Church was yet another watershed moment in the City’s on-going struggle to achieve a solid basis for its long-term viability while at the same time maintaining its unique identity as a special 2.2 square mile enclave inside the Beltway.

Editorial: Vote ‘No’ on the Referendum

Next Tuesday’s municipal election in the City of Falls Church will matter a lot to every man, woman and child living in the city. If you, dear reader, are taking the trouble to look at this editorial, we urge you to put a little extra effort, as well, into getting to the polls at some […]

5 Former Mayors, 6 on Current F.C. Council: Referendum ‘No’

Five former mayors of the City of Falls Church, in two letters to the News-Press published in this edition, joined six members of the current City Council, including the current mayor, to urge voters to vote “No” on the charter-change referendum on the City’s municipal election ballot Tuesday.

Face-Off Sharpens Contrast Between CBC Slate, Others In the first of two faceoffs before the May 6 City of Falls Church municipal election, six candidates vying to fill three seats on the City Council debated the best pathways to a sustainable future last night.

F.C. EDA Hosts Educational Forum on Charter Referendum

The City of Falls Church’s Economic Development Authority (EDA) will host a forum on “Economic Development Questions Surrounding the Charter Referendum” next Wednesday, April 23, at the F.C. Community Center at 7 p.m.