2024-06-14 10:42 AM

Negreanu on Poker: Interrogating an Opponent

Table talk is a part of the game, and frankly, it’s the part of the game that I enjoy most. How players react to questions that you ask can give definitive information as to the strength of their hand. Even an opponent who says nothing at all might be sending a silent signal. A mere […]

Nicholas F. Benton: Obama

The three distinct phases of Barack Obama’s reaction to the wildly-disseminated YouTube snippets of sermons by his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, took him from the depths to the heights over the last two weeks.

Editoral: Behind the Curve

Fairfax County has not waited to act on the fiscal impact of the steep downturn in the housing market, given that residential real estate taxes account for 60% of its annual operating budget. According to Chairman Gerry Connolly, an across-the-board 2% cut in all county agencies has already been implemented in the current fiscal year, […]

Bald and Beautiful

Women spend endless amounts of time, energy and money on transforming their hair into glorious coifs and for many women it is a source of confidence and beauty. However, a growing number of women afflicted with cancer have found that same confidence and beauty by shaving it off.

Nicholas F. Benton: How I Explain LaRouche

It was my own experience, as a late 1960s anti-war, pro-civil rights activist who came through a complicated maze to align with the then-socialist designs of one Lyn Marcus, a.k.a. Lyndon LaRouche, that informed my exclusive journalistic exposé this April. I broke the news of the link between the suicide of a long-time LaRouche associate […]