2024-06-18 6:19 PM

Congressman Jim Moran’s News Commentary

As you know, the Bush administration sent Congress a request last Saturday for $700 billion to bail out the financial industry as we face the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

Paul Krugman: Responding To Recession

Suddenly, the economic consensus seems to be that the implosion of the housing market will indeed push the U.S. economy into a recession, and that it's quite possible that we're already in one.

Will F.C. Council Delay on City Center Kill the Deal?

Risky Decision to Put Off Vote May Unravel Proposal The destiny of Atlantic Realty’s ambitious City Center plan for downtown Falls Church was placed in serious jeopardy Monday when the Falls Church City Council decided to delay acting until the middle of next month.

Editorial: Delay Equals Death

Never in the 17-year experience of this newspaper has the fate of the City of Falls Church been more precarious than it is right now. While most folks are going about their holiday business and not paying attention to the affairs of their local government, key leaders at City Hall and in the private sector […]

F.C. Council Mulls Financial Operations Change

The Falls Church City Council reconvened its regular Monday business meeting last night, picking up on a discussion of a proposed change in the City Charter that could give City Hall wider flexibility in expending General Operating Budget funds. The idea came from the City’s Chief Financial Officer John Tuohy and would give City Hall […]

Editorial: New Threats to F.C. Businesses

Coming out of summer to busier times, the City of Falls Church’s business community finds itself confronted by not one, or two, but three cases where City Hall is contemplating putting it at a distinct disadvantage. Articles in this week’s edition deal with the City’s consideration of (1) a major new tax on commercial real […]

F.C.-Fairfax Swap Editorial Stirs Controversy

An editorial in last week’s News-Press proposing a swap of assets and real estate between the City of Falls Church and Fairfax County drew strong reactions this week from quarters on both sides of the jurisdictional boundaries.