2024-06-14 7:32 AM

State Senate Passes Repeal of Abusive Driver Fees

By a 39-0 vote, with Ken Cuccinelli (R-Fairfax) not voting, the Virginia State Senate passed legislation yesterday to repeal the unpopular abusive driver fees that went into effect last July. Adding a sense of urgency, an emergency clause was added to the bill to ensure the repeal would go into effect immediately upon passage in […]

Jim Moran’s News Commentary

The House passed an economic stimulus package this week. The deal, brokered by Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader Boehner, in concert with President Bush, provides a timely, temporary and targeted boost to the U.S. economy in order to avoid a looming recession or lessen its impact.

Jody’s Jam of the Week

Safeway’s 15th Annual National Barbecue Battle, Saturday, June 23 Pennsylvania Ave., between 9th and 14th  

The Peak Oil Crisis: Turning Points

From a peak oil perspective, the last couple of weeks seemed pretty quiet. Oil prices continued to drift down into the $50s amid gloats from peak oil skeptics. The Dow Jones climbed to all-time highs, in part, due to optimism the "oil bubble" had finally burst and there would be lower inflation and lower interest […]

The Peak Oil Crisis: Hyping Jack No. 2

The story broke the morning after Labor Day, when the Wall Street Journal ran a front-page piece reporting that Chevron along with two partners had announced the results of a major oil production test in the Gulf of Mexico. The partners Chevron, Statoil, and Devon Energy ran the test on a well known as Jack […]