2024-06-15 12:50 AM

Nicholas F. Benton: The Perils Of Palin

In the intense global competition among current and emerging superpowers, it is clear to almost all parties involved that the development of science and technology, and the cultivation of “human capital” through mass education and training in those and other disciplines, will determine how things play out.

Our Man in Arlington

Quick now, pull out a pad and pencil and list the qualifications for President of the United States.

David Brooks: Imagining A Democratic Presidency

There's a big difference between the Republican and Democratic campaigns: The Republicans have split on policy grounds; the Democrats haven't. There's been a Republican divide between center and right but no Democratic divide between center and left.

David Brooks: The Obama-Clinton Issue

Hillary Clinton has been a much better senator than Barack Obama. She has been a serious, substantive lawmaker who has worked effectively across party lines. Obama has some accomplishments under his belt, but many of his colleagues believe that he has not bothered to master the intricacies of legislation or the maze of Senate rules. […]

Anything But Straight: Democrats Get Feisty

With a wealth of good candidates – particularly on gay issues – many Democratic voters are still undecided going into the primaries. The only thing they are sure of is that they loathe President George W. Bush and none of the Republican contenders present themselves as viable options. One-time GOP moderates — like Mitt Romney, […]