2024-06-17 1:00 AM

Picking Splinters: The Birth of Sudden Death

Last weekend, ESPN looked back on the epic clash in the National Football League’s 1958 Championship, known today as “The Greatest Game Ever Played.” The game carries that reputation in large part because it was the first football championship game to be decided in sudden death overtime.

Nicholas F. Benton: The President

You read it here last summer. When it came to Iraq, the November election would mean nothing to President Bush, no matter how it went. Neither would realities on the ground there. He fully intends to press ahead even as his approval ratings press toward single digits.

Editorial: Refrigerator Art

Ed Saltzberg, chair of the Falls Church Economic Development Authority (EDA), showed some chutzpa when he stood up at the monthly luncheon of the Greater Falls Church Chamber of Commerce Tuesday to respond to the News-Press coverage last week of the controversial logo associated with a new EDA marketing study. He was dismayed that the […]

Q & A on the News

More questions and answers from Joey Ledford.  This week: the seventh inning stretch, Iraqi casualties, the polio epidemic, and "innocent until proven guilty?"