2024-05-26 1:02 AM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

Restaurant Spotlight: Hunan Lion


From the red-and-gold glowing tent over the entrance to the two life-sized lion statues guarding the doors, or the more than 300-year-old tapestry hanging in the entrance way, your first steps into Hunan Lion are accompanied with quite an impression to say the least.

Dowd On Drinks: Tea Goes Into A Lot More Than Cups

As I poured a generous splash of Arizona Green Tea into the skillet to deglaze it from the sauteed chicken and shallots I'd just removed, it occurred to me how underutilized tea is in much of our cuisine.

Dowd On Drinks: Autumn Pleasers In A Glass

When autumn's chill becomes a factor in your food and drink choices, the usual suspects come to mind: stews, roasts, hot toddies, hard apple cider — hearty stuff we've known about since childhood.

Restaurant Review of the Week: Sunflower Restaurant


For those looking for an organic dining experience other your local health food store, look no further than Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant. Originally located in Vienna, a new branch recently opened in Falls Church at the Seven Corners intersection of routes 50 and 7. The food takes Japanese cuisine served up with a variety of unique […]