2024-06-15 12:59 PM

Northern Virginia Art Beat


Cellular Perspectives: Works by Betsy Stewart, and Patrick Craig, Comfort Zones: Paintings by Michele Montalbano. Spaces of Places: Tom Wagner.

Restaurant Spotlight: Big Buns Gourmet Grill

  The catchphrase, “I like big buns and I can not lie,” will resonate in your head after one bite out of a seasoned and grilled Angus beef burger from Big Buns Gourmet Grill, an eatery that is sure to offer a side order of puns along with oversize patties sandwiched in freshly baked buns.

Paul Krugman: Health Care Excuses

The United States spends far more on health care per person than any other nation. Yet we have lower life expectancy than most other rich countries. Furthermore, every other advanced country provides all its citizens with health insurance; only in America is a large fraction of the population uninsured or underinsured.

Restaurant Spotlight: Super Pollo


With a name like Super Pollo, I had high expectations. This rather large Peruvian eatery surprised me with its spacious and festive décor. The walls are decked with brightly colored paintings that celebrate South American culture and cuisine. The limited interaction that I had with the staff working behind the counter of what is pretty […]

Delegate Hull’s Richmond Report

A Most Gracious Lady It was with a great deal of sadness that I learned of the passing of Lady Bird Johnson. It was my great honor to have met and talked with her.

Seeking Condo-to-Rental OK, $ Offered to Build Arts Center

New $100,000 Gift By Atlantic Realty Wins F.C. Planners Atlantic Realty officials responded this week to growing public pressure to offer some compensation in exchange for the City of Falls Church’s permitting the conversion of 231 for-sale condos to rentals at its giant Pearson Square mixed use project now under construction. They formally offered Monday […]