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Steep Nosedive in Sales Tax Revenue Besets F.C. Budget


The global recession has translated into a steep nosedive in sales tax revenues, rather than declining residential real estate values, as the primary cause of a $1.2 million shortfall that confronts the City of Falls Church as it moves toward adoption of a budget for the new fiscal year.

Letters to the Editor for th Week of November 6 – 12, 2008

Says Story on ‘The Family’ ‘Crossed the Line’ Editor, Regarding your Falls Church News-Press front page item, dated Oct. 30, I am on record as your personal friend and longstanding booster of your newspaper–one of the primary community development elements we enjoy in Falls Church.

Editorial: The Coming Turnover

It is a generally overlooked fact, obfuscated perhaps by all the attention being given to the upcoming election and the global, national and regional economic struggles, that the Washington, D.C., region is poised to undergo a massive turnover in population over the next few months.

Treat-Seekers Hit N-P Photo Post on Halloween

WORD HAS SPREAD through the community over the years where to go for trick-or-treating on Halloween if you want a shot at getting your picture taken for publication in the News-Press. That, and general global population growth, has led to a steady rise in the numbers of such little persons each season. So, it was […]

The Peak Oil Crisis: Is Anyone Listening?

The U.S.’s gasoline stockpile situation is quiescent at the minute as we wait to see how much foreign gasoline our oil companies can find to import this summer and whether the Atlantic will start spinning hurricanes toward our shores as forecast.

Jim Moran

It seems that every week there is a new report that reveals shortcomings in the work of the federal government.