2024-07-17 6:57 PM

A Penny for Your Thoughts: The News of Greater Falls Church

The phones started ringing and e-mail traffic picked up Tuesday afternoon, just about the time reassessment notices first appeared in homeowner’s mailboxes. As predicted, most homeowner assessments decreased overall, but it was how they declined that shocked taxpayers and the Board of Supervisors alike. Land values went way up, and house values went way down. […]

F.C. Personal Property Tax Delinquency Notices Contain

A “glitch” has turned up on about 1,500 City of Falls Church delinquent personal property tax notice sent out from the Treasurer’s Office at City Hall to citizens last week, the F.C. City Council learned at its work session Monday night. For everyone past due with their so-called “car tax” payment, they were assessed not […]