2024-07-19 11:05 AM

Dowd On Drinks: A Tour Of Craft Tastes

The alcoholic beverage field is a multi-billion-dollar playground where financial giants vie for control and international market share and entrepreneurs keep working in cellars, garages and the occasional squeaky-clean laboratory to come up with new products.

Dowd on Drinks: Unusual Newcomers In N.Y.

One of my favorite wines from the Hudson Valley in upstate New York is a Seyval Blanc produced by Clinton Vineyards in Dutchess County, just north of New York City.

The Peak Oil Crisis: The Washington Post

On Monday, our colleagues over at the Washington Post ran a front-page story in an effort to explain to official Washington why oil prices have soared by $25 a barrel in the last ten weeks and just what it might mean.

Dowd on Drinks: The Great Tequila Flap Gets Hotter

I was spending a few relaxed hours with a group of people in an old cantina in dusty downtown Tequila, Mexico, discussing the explosion in the town’s namesake liquor among U.S. consumers and the merits of its various styles.

Dowd on Drinks: Beer Tasting Runs Gamut, With Pizza

As I was retrieving an array of domestic and imported beers from the fridge and setting the bottles down next to a stack of pizzas, the words of comedy essayist Dave Barry came to mind: "The greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a […]