2024-07-24 10:41 AM

Restaurant Spotlight: Thai Noy

Packed into the same square block as Lost Dog and Stray Cat Cafés, and right across from the original Lebanese Taverna, Thai Noy completes the restaurant quarter in Arlington’s Westover neighborhood – and lives up to its neighbors’ performances.

Restaurant Spotlight: Yorktown Bistro


Amid the small nail salons, wine shops and convenience marts of the strip malls that dot the path of Lee Highway in the Yorktown neighborhood of Arlington, Yorktown Bistro has staked a posh space in an effort to distinguish itself from the environing hoi polloi.

The Peak Oil Crisis: Renovating Suburbia

There has been a lot written lately about the coming demise of America’s suburbs. The general thesis is that without cheap fuels for cars, lawnmowers and heating, suburban living will become untenable.

Jim Moran’s News Commentary

The housing and credit crisis has left no community untouched. Odds are someone in your neighborhood has already fallen behind on their mortgage payments. For those whose mortgages have not stretched their budgets past the point of breaking, it’s tempting to rest in the belief that your neighbor’s struggles are no concern of yours.

Restaurant Spotlight: Dogwood Tavern

  When The Band sings, “Oh, to be home again, down in Old Virginny,” they could easily be singing about the newly opened Dogwood Tavern. With just one visit, one certainly feels at home. The restaurant is located on West Broad Street and promises to soon become a comfortable neighborhood staple.

Our Man In Arlington

Last Sunday, many meetings were held throughout Virginia’s Eighth Congressional District to launch a new voter identification, get-out-the-vote campaign for the district’s Democrats.

Our Man In Arlington

On Monday, the Washington Post carried a provocative story about the perennial debate in the college and university community about the nature of an undergraduate curriculum.

A Penny For Your Thoughts: The News of Greater Falls Church

Every neighborhood probably has a community champion, someone who has been around for a long time, knows the history of the neighborhood, mentors newcomers, and volunteers to do whatever needs to be done. In the Glen Forest neighborhood of Bailey’s Crossroads, that community champion is Irene Shuman, who is a mainstay of her civic association, […]