2024-05-29 1:48 PM

Nicholas F. Benton: The Invisible Hatchet

I, for one, do not condemn NBC for airing the video of the deranged, sadistic rants of the Virginia Tech killer last week. I would, perhaps, have introduced the tapes with an explanation that they’re being shown to arm the general public with a better ability to identify and act against the kind of psychosis […]

Low Ratings Equal Fall Drama for NBC

At the end of the summer, NBC appeared primed for a ratings resurgence behind a slew of high-profile new shows, many of them receiving sparkling reviews from critics. However, a month and a half into the fall season, viewers are still low and the clock has already expired on a character that could have been […]

Jody’s Jam: Various TV Premieres

Check it. This is a nice time of year to get away. Get outside, breathe the air and just kick back and relax. That’s probably why Jody decided to hit the high seas on vacation this week and leave the rest of the News-Press staff to languish in envy and drown beneath the editorial work […]