2024-06-23 12:52 AM

Picking Splinters: With Fuel Crisis Persisting, Time to Ban NASCAR?

This past weekend, in an effort to avert my eyes from continuously climbing numbers at the gas pump my eyes came to rest upon a series of NASCAR stickers affixed to a 1977 Ford Mustang fueling up in front of me. Trying not to think about the $60 bill I just ran up for 13 […]

Author & Falls Church Driver Take Readers ‘Once Around the Track’

Sharyn McCrumb’s new auto racing novel, “Once Around the Track,” owes its existence to not only the New York Times best-selling author, but also to Adam Edwards, an ARCA RE/MAX Series racecar driver. Edwards, whose hometown is Falls Church, contributed to the development of the novel, serving as a resource for McCrumb’s racing-related questions. The […]