2024-05-27 2:20 AM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

Press Pass: The Alternate Routes


As should probably be expected for a group named The Alternate Routes, the climb through the musical landscape hasn’t been a direct one.

Press Pass with Matthew Ryan


There are some artists who emerge into the public eye fully-formed, pre-packaged and primed to perform their one and only trick before fading into the background.

Press Pass with Jesse McCartney


When Jesse McCartney titled his latest album Departure, he did so intending to indicate a change from the singing style that planted him on the pop scene with the release of 2004’s Beautiful Soul and also to note a recurring thematic element on the record. Now, with fans swooning over Departure’s smash single “Leavin’” it […]

Press Pass: Pete Francis

In a time before now, a time before iTunes and MySpace, there was Napster. The music file exchange program allowed the tech savvy to swap songs across the nation, and in turn popularized a handful of independent bands for whom the file sharing network offered unprecedented exposure.

Press Pass: Secondhand Serenade

You could attribute the recent success of John Vesely, better known by his performance name of Secondhand Serenade, to his raw and honest compositions, his impassioned vocals or his teen idol-worthy looks. Any and all of those complimentary reasons are accurate and all are deserved. To do so, however, would discount much of the hard […]

Press Pass: Corey Smith

Thirtieth birthdays usually carry a bit of anxious reflection with them. They spur a need to reevaluate what has come before and glean from the past a new direction forward. Last Friday, when Corey Smith hit the big 3-0, his outlook for the day bore no such grandiose introspection, nor any big plans for his […]

Off Track: Honor By August

Those tuned into ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight” last Sunday at 7 p.m. may have recognized some of D.C.’s own during the show’s “Diamond Cuts” segment. No, we’re not referring to the Washington Nationals, but rather rockers Honor By August. The foursome’s tune “Into the Light” served as the soundtrack for the show’s highlight reel segment.

Driving one night, Victoria Patchen recalled seeing someone swerving on the road ahead of her. After slowing down to keep a safe distance, Patchen watched as the driver slammed into a guard rail. Patchen pulled over and rushed to the driver’s aid, eager to call for help. But the driver, still conscious, told Patchen not […]