2024-05-25 2:07 AM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

Editorial: The Fear of Backlash

It’s been a month since the most recent municipal election in the City of Falls Church, but attitudes around City Hall suggest the will of the citizens reflected in the vote have already been muddied and even lost.

Editorial: Election a

Tuesday’s election in the City of Falls Church was yet another watershed moment in the City’s on-going struggle to achieve a solid basis for its long-term viability while at the same time maintaining its unique identity as a special 2.2 square mile enclave inside the Beltway.

5 Former Mayors, 6 on Current F.C. Council: Referendum ‘No’

Five former mayors of the City of Falls Church, in two letters to the News-Press published in this edition, joined six members of the current City Council, including the current mayor, to urge voters to vote “No” on the charter-change referendum on the City’s municipal election ballot Tuesday.

Mabry Decides Not to Run for F.C. Council

Former Vice Mayor Sam Mabry announced this week that despite qualifying for the City of Falls Church’s May 6 City Council election ballot, he will not run for a third term after all.

Planners Set to Vote on City Center Monday

The City of Falls Church’s appointed citizen volunteer Planning Commission is expected to vote its recommendations this Monday regarding the large, mixed-use City Center plan, given unanimous preliminary approval by the City Council last month.

Editorial: From Blight To Boom

The City of Falls Church’s historic opportunity to turn nine acres of blight in its central commercial district into a glistening, vibrant new main street with a hotel, a supermarket, retail, office and residential components, remains on track for a final approval by the City Council on Feb. 28. Assuming the Planning Commission provides its […]

Shields Makes $577,000 in Cuts, Has Bad News on Next Budget

The City of Falls Church will face its toughest financial squeeze in memory with the onset of the new fiscal year next summer, City Manager Wyatt Shields told a joint work session of the City Council and School Board last week. The sharp downturn in housing values is the culprit, especially as Falls Church has […]

Editorial: No End In Sight

City of Falls Church leaders, including of its local newspaper, saw enough architectural renderings of potential new commercial and mixed use buildings the first two days of this week to make their heads spin. Monday night at City Hall, the City Council and Planning Commission came together to get another look at the project the […]