2024-07-18 5:08 PM

Our Man in Arlington

The American Century Theatre opened Richard Wright’s searing play, Native Son , on Tuesday at Arlington’s Gunston Theater.

Nicholas F. Benton: Ending 30 Years Of Anger & Fear

With the watershed national election last month, millions of Americans will begin to experience many irrational, subconscious fears melting away, having a collateral effect akin to curing at least selective blindness.

Picking Splinters: Caps Need

We’ve seen this before haven’t we? Alexander Ovechkin scores a ridiculous amount of goals, but the Capitals skid to another high draft pick after a season of high effort but low results. And still no one watches at Verizon Center.

Picking Splinters: Onward to 2007

And so, this Sunday the sporting year of 2006 comes to an end. Like any other year, it has produced its share of thrilling moments, moments that will be and have been recounted by many other columnists this week. To be sure, 2006 had its fair share of praise-worthy stories — the Final Four run […]