2024-06-18 4:21 AM

Nicholas F. Benton: ‘Media Matters’ Foils Fox


For the better part of the decade, right-wingers in the media have been dogged relentlessly by a pesky fact-checker who has caught them over and over again willfully distorting and fabricating their news.

Anything But Straight: Choice Matters

In 2002, a large gay rights organization was hosting a luncheon that featured a transgender speaker. During the Q&A, there was discussion of the merits of adding "gender identity" to the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) – which, if passed, would protect people from being fired because of their sexual orientation.

Nicholas F. Benton: An

Two large churches in the Episcopal denomination’s Diocese of Virginia are voting this week to defect, claiming the mainstream denomination has veered from its Biblical roots and, oh by the way, sanctioned the consecration of one of its pastors as a bishop of a New England diocese who just happens to be openly gay.