2024-05-26 12:02 PM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

Poison Power

The just-formed Falls Church Poison U10 select girls basketball team won this weekend’s Braddock Road Basketball Tournament. Players include Rebecca Moot, Courtney King, Shannon Upton, Jessica Manning, Stephanie Manning, Ashley Alexander, Jaya Chavern and Julianna Rollo.

Picking Splinters: Of Billy and Bob: Fitness and Football

Resolutions are a funny thing for me. Usually, New Year’s has done nothing to inspire me. The fact is, it’s cold and any fitness-related activity is usually drowned out by a more pressing desire to sit on my couch and watch college basketball or hockey.

Picking Splinters: Fantasyland Notes

There’s a belief that the business world slows down around this time of year because lots of people are off on vacations. I tend to believe that they are merely drafting their fantasy football teams.