2024-06-18 11:19 PM

Northern Virginia Art Beat


Intense Sketching “Kate McGraw + Ann Tarantino: Workbook,” at Flashpoint (916 G St. NW, Washington, D.C.). The exhibit runs through April 17. Gallery hours are noon – 6 p.m., Tuesday – Saturday, or by appointment. For further information, call 202-315-1310 or visit www.flashpointdc.org.

Picking Splinters: Into the Magic Mailbag

Here it is, the second week of the tournament, and Cinderella’s ride to the ball is back to being a Halloween decoration. Goliath is peeling David off his heel and using his sling to pick his teeth.

Press Pass with Here We Go Magic


There are two misconceptions about his music career that Luke Temple would like to clear up. The first is his past career painting murals in New York apartments.

Press Pass with Ten Out of Tenn


Trent Dabbs had an interesting lament. He wondered, if Nashville wasn’t known as Music City, if it didn’t have such an enormous reputation as a musical mecca, would people pay more attention to the burgeoning-but-under-appreciated indie scene blossoming inside its borders?

The Bakers’ Bond

With an exponential increase in demand, wedding season is far from a cakewalk for cake makers. That’s why some local bakers have taken comfort in each others’ company

The Peak Oil Crisis: Diesel

The evidence is mounting that the U.S. might just encounter the first real crisis of the oil depletion age before the year is out.

Winetail Is The New Cocktail

AUSTIN, Texas — The shimmering concoction in the martini glass had a dreamy, pale green color. But what exactly was it? Perhaps the cucumber rose perched on the rim offered a clue. Was it a martini made with Hendrick’s Gin, which is made with cucumber and rose petals?