2024-07-15 7:18 PM

Maureen Dowd: Duel of Historical Guilts

Some women in their 30s, 40s and early-50s who favor Barack Obama have a phrase to describe what they don’t like about Hillary Clinton: Shoulder-pad feminism.

School News and Notes


Chantilly Academy cosmetology students raised money   to benefit McKinley “Mac” Groseclose during a Cut-a-Thon for their annual community service project. Groseclose, shown here with his mom, a Chantilly alumna, and his friends, is recovering from brain cancer. (Photo: Wayne White)

Pontanis Bring Back Burlesque

NYC's Smash Sister Act Swings Into the Birchmere First it was the Andrews sisters, then the Lennon sisters entertained us, followed by the Pointer sisters and recently the news-making Spears sisters. Look out and move over girls, the spotlight has shifted to the Pontani sisters, a trio making headlines in New York and around the […]

Michael Buckley Becomes an Internet Sensation

You or someone you know has undoubtedly sat in front of a computer and laughed out loud at YouTube sensation What the Buck, who has more than 30,000 subscribers. His videos, which are also on MySpace and his own Web site, buckhollywood.com, give his humorous, sarcastic take on all things pop culture. He’s done more […]

Press Pass: Matt Nathanson

San Francisco rocker Matt Nathanson just couldn’t stay out of the studio. Over the course of three years he kept recording then returning, reworking and tinkering with tunes before heading out on tour. As soon as those tours ended, he’d be back in the studio reexamining his work, stripping it down and starting over. Finally, […]