2024-06-16 11:18 PM

David Brooks: Road To Nowhere

The most impressive thing about Mitt Romney is his clarity of mind. When he set out to pursue is party's nomination, he studied the contours of the Republican coalition and molded himself to its forms.

Picking Splinters: BCS Still Bogus

Arguably the most audible phrase you’ll hear across the country this time of year pertaining to sports: “I hate the BCS.” Actually, the more I watch the World Series, maybe that previous phrase is a close second to “What the heck is Tim McCarver saying?” But since I don’t think anyone knows the answer to […]

Daniel Negreanu on Poker: Look Within Yourself for Answers

When nothing appears to be going right, players often begin to question their own theories about the game of poker. More often than not, it’s just a bad run of cards. But as one who doesn’t rely too heavily on luck, I try to look within myself when things aren’t going well.

Editorial: New Threats to F.C. Businesses

Coming out of summer to busier times, the City of Falls Church’s business community finds itself confronted by not one, or two, but three cases where City Hall is contemplating putting it at a distinct disadvantage. Articles in this week’s edition deal with the City’s consideration of (1) a major new tax on commercial real […]

Daniel Negreanu on Poker: Trouble Hands that Might Come in Second

Q-9 and J-8 aren't exactly monsters. In fact, these two hands should come with a warning label because they could cost you all of your chips. I'm referring to situations where you end up with a straight but lose to a higher straight.  Let’s say the flop comes 10-J-K. You obviously have a strong hand […]

Nicholas F. Benton: Boys Crying

It took a tremendous amount of will power, perhaps whispering to themselves that age-old emotion-stilling mantra, “Dead cats and nuns, dead cats and nuns,” to keep the announcers at the Little League championship game from losing it Monday afternoon.