2024-05-27 2:25 AM

Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

Helen Thomas: Bush Legacy Already Established

WASHINGTON — President Bush should stop worrying about his legacy. It's already established. By his deeds you shall know him; preemptive war, torture and wiretapping, for starters.

Editorial: 1st Amendment Plaza

“Stand fast. Stand firm. Stand sure. Stand true.” While these words are not some of the most famous or poetic in history, they do appear on a plaque attached to an imposing bronze statue planted on a large rock on the edge of Los Angeles’ McArthur Park. It is the oft-overlooked statue of Los Angeles […]

Humble Homestrech Head Honcho, Taxson, Stepping Away

When asked of her Aug. 1 retirement from Homestretch after 16 years as the Falls Church non-profit’s first and only ever executive director, Nancy Taxson invariably turned the topic of conversation over to her organization.