2024-05-29 3:07 PM

F.C. Financial Future Rides on City Center, Snyder Says

Responding to action by the Falls Church Planning Commission Tuesday to recommend against the adoption of five ordinances required to implement the large-scale Atlantic Realty City Center project, City Councilman David Snyder contacted the News-Press yesterday to issue the following statement: “The Planning Commission raised and considered some very important issues. It did important work. […]

Webb Declares City Council Candidacy

The following is a statement declaring the candidacy of Lawrence Webb for City Council. The document appears as authored by Mr. Webb with no changes. This is a public service allowing those seeking election 500 words to declare their candidacy. This is not to be considered an endorsement by the Falls Church News-Press.

Press Pass: Joe Purdy

Four days. That’s all it took for Joe Purdy to write and record his album Julie Blue. That’s how long it took him to record his tales of Indian myths, recuperative bliss and local hospitality at an island cabin amid the waters of the St. Lawrence.