2024-07-18 12:52 AM

Summer Sports Roundup

McLean Loses Chance At All-Stars Victory After winning their District-4 championship, McLean’s manager Paul Schiffman said the team’s “strength is our hitting; the question will be will our pitching hold up.”

Nicholas F. Benton: Male Chauvinism & Hillary Clinton

Back in the day, feminists and those like myself who supported them, called it “male chauvinism.” It remains a mighty force in our society, so pervasive that few of either gender are really attuned to detect it.

Jody’s Jam: Various TV Premieres

Check it. This is a nice time of year to get away. Get outside, breathe the air and just kick back and relax. That’s probably why Jody decided to hit the high seas on vacation this week and leave the rest of the News-Press staff to languish in envy and drown beneath the editorial work […]