2024-05-29 2:26 PM

Nicholas F. Benton: Such the Kennedy Moment

Eclipsing even the most memorable performances at the Beijing Olympics, the record-smashing achievements of Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt and the breathtaking opening and closing ceremonies, was the grand and triumphant appearance of Sen. Teddy Kennedy at Monday’s opening night at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Nicholas F. Benton: Ted Kennedy

News like that about Sen. Ted Kennedy last week comes like a kick in the solar plexus. It stops everything dead in its tracks. All the jockeying, all the bickering of political and personal lives is put on hold and a deep collective sob is heard issued forth from every mere mortal.

David Brooks: The Kennedy Mystique

Last week there was the widespread revulsion at the Clintons' toxic attempts to ghettoize Barack Obama. In private and occasionally in public, leading Democrats lost patience with the hyperpartisan style of politics — the distortion of facts, the demonizing of foes, the secret admiration for brass-knuckle brawling and the ever-present assumption that it's necessary to […]

Editor Recommends

Handel’s “Messiah,” National Symphony Orchestra, Kennedy Center Concert Hall, through Sunday afternoon.

Editor Recommends

Kirov Opera performs “The Queen of Spades” (Dec. 6-14) and “Otello” (Dec. 9-16), The Kennedy Center Opera House.

Anything But Straight: All for the Glory

Somehow, the idea of furtive bathroom sex seemed more in vogue when pop icon George Michael was arrested. Now, the guy in the stall next to you is likely a gay obsessed mayor, an undercover cop or a crusty old conservative legislator. With such unappetizing menu choices, one has to be quite desperate and pathetic […]

Anything But Straight: Holy Singers From the Hymn Sheet

James W. Holsinger's controversial nomination for U.S. Surgeon General never made much sense. The last thing Bush's shattered presidency needed was another battle on Capitol Hill at a time when support for the war in Iraq was eroding among key Senators.

Editor Recommends

Kirov Ballet’s “Romeo and Juliet,” Kennedy Center, performances through Sunday.