2024-07-15 8:06 AM

Iraq a Year Later: Our Man in Baghdad


While media scrutiny has focused attention on November polls for the next U.S. president, the war over the future of Iraq continues to consume lives and money.

David Brooks: A Network of Truces

The U.S. brought no shortage of misconceptions into Iraq, but surely the longest lasting has been what you might call: Founding Fatherism. This is the belief that peace will come to the country when the nation's political elites gather at a convention hall and make a series of grand compromises involving power-sharing and a new […]

Jim Moran

The military mission in Iraq is not worthy of our soldiers’ sacrifice. That became even clearer after my latest visit to Iraq, a congressional delegation trip with Reps. Ellen Tauscher of California and Jon Porter of Nevada.

Helen Thomas: Bush Buys Time On Iraq

WASHINGTON — President Bush and his spokesmen continue to say that Iraq is a "sovereign" nation and that the U.S. is there at the invitation of the Iraqi government.

Nicholas F. Benton: The Blood of 654,965 Iraqis

It trumps by a considerable degree every other grizzly fact, incident or trend in the Iraq fiasco to date. The highly-credible survey published yesterday in the on-line edition of The Lancet reports that 654,965 Iraqis have died as the direct result of George Bush’s unilateral, unprovoked military invasion of a sovereign nation in March 2003. […]

Jim Moran’s News Commentary

Tuesday marked the 4th Anniversary of the House vote to authorize the President to go to war in Iraq. I sided with those opposed to granting this authority. It was one of the most important votes of my career and one that I do not regret.