2024-05-28 6:51 PM

Nicholas F. Benton: Bush the Idealist Ignores the NIE

The rush to explain the genesis and process that led to the National Intelligence Estimate on Iran’s nuclear program, released this week and a major embarrassment to the Bush administration, needs more time to become clear. This development constitutes an intervention of the first degree against an otherwise inevitable cascade toward war. Whole chapters of […]

Helen Thomas: No Nukes In Iran

WASHINGTON — We are still in the dark as to what evidence the U.S. turned up that has now convinced American officials that Iran was on the level when it denied nuclear ambitions.

800 Pack Moran Forum on What U.S. Should & Might Try on Iran

Over 800 people crammed into the George Washington Masonic Temple in Alexandria Tuesday night to hear three panelists discuss the options for the U.S. in the case of Iran. The event was organized by Rep. Jim Moran, the long-standing Democratic incumbent congressman representing the 8th District of Northern Virginia. The forum was titled, “Is Iran […]

Paul Krugman: Fearing Fear Itself

In America's darkest hour, Franklin Delano Roosevelt urged the nation not to succumb to "nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror." But that was then.