2024-07-15 8:13 AM

2 N.Va. GOP Leaders: ‘I’ve Had Enough With My Party’

Rep. Davis in NY Times, Snyder In Letter to N-P Two prominent Northern Virginia Republican politicians publicly criticized their party this week, one attributing his disdain as contributing to his decision to opt out of politics, and the other angrily disassociating with the Virginia GOP.

Editorial: Referendum ‘A Very Bad Idea’

Opponents to the ill-conceived referendum on the May 4 ballot in the City of Falls Church received strong support from a nationally-prominent expert in municipal policy this week.

Returning From Trip to Baghdad, Moran Repeats,

Jim Moran

Returning from his first visit to Iraq in two years, U.S. Rep., whose 8th District of Virginia includes much of the News-Press’s primary distribution area, told the News-Press in an exclusive interview yesterday, “My views have not changed since before the invasion of Iraq was first proposed. We had no business going over there.”

Helen Thomas: Ford

WASHINGTON — The passing of President Gerald Ford is a reminder that the Republican Party was once led by political moderates who have now been replaced by members of the radical right (read that "neocons") and evangelicals.

Anything But Straight: War on Love Itself

Same-sex marriage got a much-needed boost this month with former NBA basketball star Charles Barkley and movie star Brad Pitt offering their endorsements. While it is too soon to call this a trend among heterosexual men, all cultural tsunamis start with trendsetters such as Barkley and Pitt.