2024-06-20 2:07 PM

Area Arts, Education & Social Efforts Counting on Stimulus

Without Boost, Serious Harm is Predicted Virginia’s social safety nets, as well as her arts and education efforts, are looking to President Obama’s $787 billion stimulus package signed into law Tuesday to mitigate what will otherwise be disastrous recessionary consequences throughout the Commonwealth.

New F.C. Budget Buoyed By $ From Mixed-Use Projects

Surprising observers throughout the region, the City of Falls Church adopted its coming fiscal year budget Monday by a unanimous vote that raised the residential real estate tax by a mere two cents. The $76,427,560 Fiscal Year ’09 budget fully funds the School Board request and will actually cost the average taxpayer in Falls Church […]

F.C. EDA Hosts Educational Forum on Charter Referendum

The City of Falls Church’s Economic Development Authority (EDA) will host a forum on “Economic Development Questions Surrounding the Charter Referendum” next Wednesday, April 23, at the F.C. Community Center at 7 p.m.

F.C. Council Puts Ceiling on Tax Rate, Average Tax Bill Will Drop

  New Development Buffers Impact of Housing Downturn It came as a startling revelation to some on the Falls Church City Council Monday that, despite prospects of raising the real estate tax rate from $1.01 to $1.04 to balance the coming fiscal year budget this spring, the result will be that homeowners in Falls Church […]

Editorial: The Challenge Of Being P.C.

The challenge of being P.C. refers in this case, not to “political correctness,” but to the Planning Commission, Falls Church’s to be specific. The Planning Commission is reviewing the ambitious Atlantic Realty-City of Falls Church City Center Plan this month after a unanimous, preliminary vote of approval by the City Council. The Commissioners will hear […]

Anything But Straight: An Extraordinary Month

Inside the trenches of culture war combat, it is often difficult to see who is winning the conflict. The recurring recriminations, stale rhetoric and finger pointing proclamations often leave one feeling as if we are in a perpetual stalemate. But in the past couple of weeks, dare I say, strong evidence has emerged that suggests […]

Jim Moran

Efforts to lift a 25 year old moratorium on protecting our nation’s shorelines gas drilling heated up this week as consideration of the FY 2008 Interior Appropriations bill progressed on the House floor.

F.C. City Hall Concedes Big Condo-to-Rentals $ Impact

‘Revenue Neutral’ Revised to $185k Annual Tax Loss The conversion of 230 residential condominiums from “for sale” to “for rent” units in the large-scale Pearson Square project will impact Falls Church taxpayers, new documentation from the F.C. City Hall has confirmed.