2024-07-21 6:34 PM

Congressman Moran’s News Commentary

Update: After going to press, Congress voted to extend the DTV deadline until June 12, 2009. In less than two weeks — February 17, 2009, to be exact (though there remains a possibility this date will be extended by Congress to June) — all full power broadcast television stations will stop broadcasting on analog airwaves […]

Nicholas F. Benton: The Blood of 654,965 Iraqis

It trumps by a considerable degree every other grizzly fact, incident or trend in the Iraq fiasco to date. The highly-credible survey published yesterday in the on-line edition of The Lancet reports that 654,965 Iraqis have died as the direct result of George Bush’s unilateral, unprovoked military invasion of a sovereign nation in March 2003. […]