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Memorial Day 2024 Issue!

Letters to the Editor for Week of March 26 – April 1, 2009

We Ignore History at Our Peril Editor, With respect to your March 19 editorial, “Funky, Happy, Forward Thinking,” I would like you to reconsider your sentiment that “history is not a big deal” and that it is best not to delve into history since it might be “unpleasant.”

Moving On: Point of Hope’s Hopeful Promise


Earlier this month, Capital Hospice invited the News-Press to its annual Point of Hope Camp, which took place Friday, Aug. 1 through Sunday, Aug. 3. This year Point of Hope set up at Camp Ramblewood, located in the green backwoods about an hour northeast of Baltimore, Md.

Dos and Don

Powerful drawing hands like a pair with a flush draw, or even conventional straight and flush draws, are often good opportunities to try a semi-bluff – making a bet or raise that you hope will not be called, but leaves you some outs if it is.

David Brooks: Diagnosing Obama Comedown Syndrome

At first it seemed like a few random cases of lassitude among Mary Chapin Carpenter devotees in Berkeley, Cambridge and Chapel Hill. But then psychotherapists began to realize patients across the country were complaining of the same distress. They were experiencing the first hints of what's bound to be a national phenomenon, Obama Comedown Syndrome.

Nicholas F. Benton: Is the

Would it have any impact whatsoever on the incredibly shallow mania currently driving Barack Obama’s campaign if it became better known that he’s the preferred candidate of Wall Street?

Anything But Straight: Stop Blaming Hillary For Culture Wars

I caught the political bug while in college in 1992, seduced by the charming optimism of Bill Clinton's presidential campaign. At the time, I was interning as a radio news reporter at KQED in San Francisco. One of my assignments was to cover a Clinton visit. Although I was still a political neophyte, there was […]

Maureen Dowd: Two Against One

GREENVILLE, S.C. — If Bill Clinton has to trash his legacy to protect his legacy, so be it. If he has to put a dagger through the heart of hope to give Hillary hope, so be it.

Editorial: The Next 40 Days

It was one of the truly historic events in the 60-year history of the City of Falls Church. Monday, at City Hall, the Council chamber was packed to the rafters with a wide array of people ranging from near celebrities, city founders and pillars and recent arrivals in the city, showing up to complain about […]