2024-05-20 2:11 AM

Delegate Scott’s Richmond Report

Dominion’s major grant to food banks On Monday, December 22, along with Providence Supervisor Linda Smyth, I attended the local announcement of a major grant to area food banks by the Dominion Power Foundation.

Falls Church City Ward 3 Polling Location Changed for June 10 Primary

Due to the high heat and air conditioning problems, the Falls Church City Ward 3 polling location will be changed from the Boy Scout House to the Art Room in the Falls Church Community Center (223 Little Falls St.) on Tuesday, June 10. The Falls Church City Electoral Board authorized the location change. Both a Democratic […]

Community News and Notes

Meet a Soap Star at Volvo Dealership Fans of ABC’s “All My Children” will be thrilled to know that star Aiden Turner will be dropping by Don Beyer Volvo (1231 W. Broad St., Falls Church) on Saturday, April 26 from 2 – 4 p.m. Aiden will host a question and answer session and will autograph […]

Daniel Negreanu on Poker: Trouble Hands that Might Come in Second

Q-9 and J-8 aren't exactly monsters. In fact, these two hands should come with a warning label because they could cost you all of your chips. I'm referring to situations where you end up with a straight but lose to a higher straight.  Let’s say the flop comes 10-J-K. You obviously have a strong hand […]

Flopping a Set in Texas Hold

A pair in the hole, whether it’s 2-2 or A-A, presents a fantastic opportunity if you’re lucky enough to flop three of a kind – otherwise known as a set.