2024-05-21 12:46 PM

Press Pass with Shane Hines and The Trance


Sometimes in the cash-strapped world of independent music, you have to get creative when it comes to putting out an album. In the case of D.C.-based Indie operatives Shane Hines and the Trance, that meant selling the album before it was even written.

Gas Prices Make Road Trips Tough for Bands


When the price of fuel started its monumental climb a few months ago, The Influence, a Virginia Beach-based band, started looking for alternative ways to travel. Their solution: a tour bus converted to run on waste vegetable oil.

Press Pass: Shane Hines

Shane Hines loves mowing his lawn. No, it’s not a very “rock star” passion to hold, but he loves it just the same. It’s not so much the manual labor, or the steamy summer temperatures — he loves it because when he slices down that last row of overgrown grass, he’s finished, done, end of […]