2024-06-21 2:13 PM

Off Track: Matthew Sweet

According to Matthew Sweet, pots helped a lot with his 10th and latest album, Sunshine Lies. And yes, that is plural – “pots.”

Anything But Straight: I’m Having Nunn Of It

When former Sen. Sam Nunn (D-GA) endorsed Barack Obama in April and announced he would serve as a national security advisor, pundits naturally began speculating on his vice presidential prospects. The argument in favor of Nunn is that he is a former Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, which would help negate one of the […]

Press Pass: Hurt


Hurt frontman J. Loren bristles at the “alt-metal” label so often affixed to his band. Sure there are similarities between Hurt and the sound of Staind, Seether or Saliva and other top-of-the-charts acts that root their music in distorted guitars and growling vocals, but how many of them initially script their songs on a violin?

Editorial: Dave & Annette

Folks in the City of Falls Church are going to miss Dave Eckert and Annette Mills far more than any now can probably imagine (see story on Page One of this edition). The couple came to Falls Church in the 1980s and, while raising their child here, made an impact on this community that, taken […]