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Press Pass: The Alternate Routes


As should probably be expected for a group named The Alternate Routes, the climb through the musical landscape hasn’t been a direct one.

Our Man in Arlington

Just about had it with the interminable presidential race? Becoming sated with the endless commentaries and prognostications of seemingly thousands of political gurus, each with their own ax to grind? Convinced that we are wallowing in campaign minutiae and rhetoric and brushing the real issues under the rug?

Our Man In Arlington

The immigration “debate” that seems to be growing in this country and throughout Virginia has many disquieting overtones. The most obvious, of course, are the thinly veiled expressions of deep racial and ethnic prejudice. These are strongly and heatedly denied, but I grew up in the Deep South in the forties and fifties and I […]

Paul Krugman: Health Care Excuses

The United States spends far more on health care per person than any other nation. Yet we have lower life expectancy than most other rich countries. Furthermore, every other advanced country provides all its citizens with health insurance; only in America is a large fraction of the population uninsured or underinsured.

Press Pass: Matt Mays & El Torpedo

Matt Mays describes the sound of Matt Mays & El Torpedo as down the middle, a balance between deep meaning and easily-digestible being the trademark of their songwriting catalogue. For fans of the band, that might not come as much of a surprise. Listening to Mays and his group, one can discern elements that remind […]

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