2024-06-15 1:39 AM

Jim Scott’s Richmond Report

Lillian Hull Delegate Bob Hull’s mother died last week. She had been ill for some time. I was indeed saddened by her loss.

Press Pass: Josh Ritter

Josh Ritter has been dubbed “eloquent,” “imaginative” and “philosophical.” On his latest album, The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter, the superlative singer-songwriter just wanted to be a badass.

Jim Moran

Every year, 30,000 Americans are killed as a result of gun violence, destroying families and harming communities. Guns are all too prevalent in our society. Currently, an estimated 39% of American households own a gun. As the tragedy at Virginia Tech showed us, when they end up in the wrong hands the impact can be […]

Advocate Says Va. Tech Killings Spur Fresh Push for Gun Laws

While proper enforcement of existing laws would have kept weapons out of the hands of the student who killed 32 others at Virginia Tech last month, three legislative priorities of gun control advocates would surely have prevented that tragedy, the head of the nation’s most visible gun control organization told the National Press Club in […]

Jim Moran

It was a dark week for the Commonwealth. On Monday, one of the state’s premier centers for higher learning, Virginia Tech, was struck a magnitude of gun violence which has never been seen before on U.S. soil.