2024-06-15 2:00 PM

Congressman Jim Moran’s News Commentary

The Republican controlled Congress had a bad habit of stomping on the District of Columbia’s home rule during their 12 years in the majority. In that time they dictated socially conservative policies, often using D.C. as a guinea pig for untested conservative causes in an effort to garner plaudits from the conservative cognoscenti.

New Virginia Laws Enacted July 1

This Tuesday, July 1, hundreds of new laws passed during the 2008 General Assembly session became effective. Perhaps first on the list for some, if you like sangria, then you are in luck because that wine and liquor blend can now be legally served in pitchers in Virginia restaurants.

Despite New State Senate Dem Majority, F.C. Anti-Gun Bill Fails

 Committee Gives Swift Kick to F.C. Leaders By 9-5 Falls Church City Councilman Hal Lippman told his colleagues Tuesday that he was “not prepared” for the rude cultural shock he encountered going to Richmond earlier that day to testify in favor of a gun control bill before a Senate committee. “I was stunned,” he said.

Nicholas F. Benton: The Bhutto Smoking Gun

As former U.S. Senator George Allen of Virginia can tell you, the modern day proliferation of hand-held video cameras can have a devastating impact in politics. Especially if you are trying to lie, as the Musharraf regime in Pakistan and its patrons can now tell you, as well.

With State Senate Change, F.C. Hopes for Stronger Gun Control

Hoping it can do more than bullet-proof the City Council chambers, the Falls Church City Council adopted a “priority position” Monday night, voting unanimously to ask the State Legislature to pass a law empowering local jurisdictions to stiffen gun control. As the State Senate shifts to Democratic control in January, there is optimism that their […]

Jim Moran

Every year, 30,000 Americans are killed as a result of gun violence, destroying families and harming communities. Guns are all too prevalent in our society. Currently, an estimated 39% of American households own a gun. As the tragedy at Virginia Tech showed us, when they end up in the wrong hands the impact can be […]

News Briefs

AN INFORMAL AGREEMENT between Arlington County and the City of Falls Church to work together on the future of the Route 29 corridor was inked Monday by Falls Church Mayor Robin Gardner (left) and Arlington County Board Chair Paul Ferguson (right). (News-Press photo)

A Penny For Your Thoughts: The News of Greater Falls Church

Take a foolish idea, put out a news release, then stand back and watch what happens! That seems to be the approach taken by a gun rights group to stir up interest in a “gun giveaway” tonight at the Mason District Governmental Center. No matter that the community still is sorting out its grief and […]