2024-07-16 12:36 PM

The Peak Oil Crisis: Twin problems

As we move into June, we are still confronted with a pair of energy crises that have the potential to upset our way of life. At the global level, worldwide oil production has been stagnant for the last two years. This is true for all the various kinds of liquid fuels we now consume: ethanol, […]

Editorial: Katrina’s Silver Lining

Yet another small revolution is about to explode onto the national scene this summer, something almost no one as yet sees coming. There is the Internet revolution, there is the genome and regenerative medicine revolution. Now, along with those, comes the housing revolution. It is coming at a home improvement store near you; to be […]

The Peak Oil Crisis: The Perfect Storm

Events move quickly these days. Two months ago oil was north of $78 a barrel and, nationwide, gasoline was above to well above $3. The Middle East was threatening a conflagration and another exciting hurricane season was in the offing. Even the concept of peak oil was starting to get some scattered but serious attention […]

The Peak Oil Crisis: Hyping Jack No. 2

The story broke the morning after Labor Day, when the Wall Street Journal ran a front-page piece reporting that Chevron along with two partners had announced the results of a major oil production test in the Gulf of Mexico. The partners Chevron, Statoil, and Devon Energy ran the test on a well known as Jack […]

Jim Moran’s News Commentary

On the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation of the Gulf Coast, I joined a group of Democratic lawmakers, led by Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, to tour the region. Our objective was to survey the rebuilding efforts and hear from local residents about the problems they’ve been experiencing in the past months.

A Penny For Your Thoughts: The News of Greater Falls Church

Travel through the Springfield Interchange should be easier for motorists, with the opening last week of a new bridge that carries traffic from I-95 North onto the Inner Loop toward Tysons Corner. On Thursday, Virginia Governor Tim Kaine accompanied a busload of elected officials and transportation experts during a peak hour tour of the new […]

Editorial: F.C.

When it comes right down to it, housing is one of the most important social issues of ours or any time. The ability of a family, or of any individual, to have a roof overhead, a place to call home, is an indispensable component of an industrious, progressive society. It could be fairly argued that […]