2024-06-24 8:10 PM

Fairfax May Hold $ For Econ Growth & Jobs

Fairfax County is blessed with “a very unusual group of politicians,” according to the head of the county’s Economic Development Authority (EDA), responding to the recent remark by Sharon Bulova, new chair of the county Board of Supervisors, that she “will not vote for any cut in economic development” despite a $700 million shortfall currently […]

Editorial: What the Council Is Missing

In our observations of the Falls Church City Council’s deliberations on the most extraordinary budget in the City’s 60-year history, two critical components have been absent from the discussions.

Congressman Moran’s News Commentary

This week the House will vote on a budget resolution which lays the foundation for rebuilding our economy and laying the ground work for long term prosperity.

The Peak Oil Crisis: Leadership

We are having an election for Governor in Virginia this year and, as could be expected, inboxes and mail slots are already filling with messages from the candidates.

Forecaster Warns N. Virginia May Be ‘Behind the Curve’

One of the region’s foremost economic forecasters warned Tuesday that Northern Virginia may be “behind the curve” in planning its next economic driver, once the defense contracts buoyed by the war in Iraq expire and the war winds down.

F.C. Area Insulated from Worst Recession Woes, Expert Says

Fuller: Trends Vary Wildly Inside Vs. Outside Beltway In an exclusive interview with the News-Press Monday, the foremost authority on economic trends in Northern Virginia drew a stark contrast between the state of economic affairs inside the Beltway, including in Falls Church, compared to regions outside it.

F.C. School Board Cuts 8 Admin Slots in Budget

Eliminating the equivalent of eight full-time administrative positions, the deepest cut ever for the Falls Church City School System, the F.C. School Board approved a budget Tuesday night that seeks a 3.7% increase in the City’s monetary transfer.

Paul Krugman: Don

Will the next president be the second coming of Jimmy Carter? Given Thursday's economic headlines, full of dire warnings about the return of 1970s-style stagflation, you might think so.

Shields Makes $577,000 in Cuts, Has Bad News on Next Budget

The City of Falls Church will face its toughest financial squeeze in memory with the onset of the new fiscal year next summer, City Manager Wyatt Shields told a joint work session of the City Council and School Board last week. The sharp downturn in housing values is the culprit, especially as Falls Church has […]

Treat-Seekers Hit N-P Photo Post on Halloween

WORD HAS SPREAD through the community over the years where to go for trick-or-treating on Halloween if you want a shot at getting your picture taken for publication in the News-Press. That, and general global population growth, has led to a steady rise in the numbers of such little persons each season. So, it was […]