2024-06-24 9:15 PM

Press Pass with The Guggenheim Grotto


The Guggenheim Grotto has always been a little tricky to pin down. The band’s previous album, … Waltzing Alone, featured songs that fit into every genre imaginable.

The Best of Press Pass 2007

The feedback is in. We scanned the pages of Press Pass for the entirety of 2007, snagging only the best songs from each of the bands and artist to grace this page in the past year. The result is a playlist that is guaranteed to get you through to 2008. Enjoy.

Off Track: Guggenheim Grotto

The first track sounds like the Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel. The third track is modern radio pop, the sixth tune is a country song and the 10th reminds of rhythm and blues. The vast gamut of sounds (you can find an Irish ballad and some Spanish-sounding strings) found on The Guggenheim Grotto’s debut LP, […]