2024-06-23 12:51 AM

Paul Krugman: The Great Divide

On Sunday, The New York Times published a highly informative chart laying out the positions of the presidential candidates on major issues. It was, I'd argue, a useful reality check for those who believe that the next president can somehow usher in a new era of bipartisan cooperation.

Editorial: Clinton & Giuliani

In our view, as the 2008 presidential election year approaches, Hillary Clinton is the strongest Democratic candidate and Rudy Giuliani the strongest on the GOP side. We commend each to their respective party.

Anything But Straight: Giuliani

Last week, Rudolph Giuliani defined the pro-choice position as succinctly as any abortion rights group in America. However, in doing so, he also defined himself as the religious right’s Public Enemy Number One. With Giuliani’s shedding of conservative garb, his candidacy now takes on historic dimensions, as he fights to become the first Republican in […]