2024-06-15 1:13 AM

Picking Splinters: Blowing Calls, Blowing Their Lead

For the 13th time this season the Hoyas hit the canvas, losing to St. John’s 59-56 in overtime Tuesday night, and there’s no doubt that Georgetown is now knocked out of any at-large discussion for the NCAA Tournament.

Picking Splinters: Hoyas Hanging On

If you happen to know a Georgetown Hoyas fan, forgive them if they seem on edge this weekend, it’s just because it feels like the next two seasons of Georgetown basketball may hang in the balance.

Picking Splinters: Can Georgetown Find its Game?

Remember a few weeks back when I said that Georgetown looked like a fine-tuned machine? Remember when I even went so far as to liken them to Voltron? Yeah, well, right now, the Hoyas are more like Johnny 5 from “Short Circuit.”

Picking Splinters: Goliath Also Rises

“Davidson beat Georgetown. That's all I have to say.” Those were the words of Davidson's Max Paulhus Gosselin in Monday's Washington Post. Their implication is clear — an underdog toppled a titan. It's a huge story, and probably the biggest thus far in the 2008 NCAA Tournament.