2024-06-18 7:24 AM

Our Man in Arlington


Two weekends ago, Jean and I trekked down to New Orleans to attend the first week of its fabulous annual Jazz Fest.

Dowd on Drinks: A Shaker Full Of Legalities

I can just picture the scene. A concerned parent is out strolling through the park with his/her offspring(s) when, suddenly, a wild-eyed pervert leaps out of the bushes and starts mixing a cocktail right in front of them.

Northern Virginia Art Beat


“Exchanged Glances/ Regards Croisés; Arlington VA & Reims, France : Sister Cities,” at the Ellipse Arts Center (4350 Fairfax Dr., Suite 125, Arlington).

Dowd on Drinks: Beer Drinker’s Guide To Holiday Champagne

So there you sit, in your latest ugly Christmas sweater that already has a splotch of holiday gravy on the front, wondering how to avoid looking like a schlub when you uncork the champagne you’ve been assigned to purchase for the next family inquisition commonly known as New Year’s Eve.

Restaurant Spotlight: Sign of the Whale


Contrary to its bland exterior in Loehmann’s Plaza, the interior decoration of Sign of the Whale restaurant is reminiscent of the captain’s rooms in a 16th century pirate ship-dark wood paneling and arches shine in the dim glow of muted yellow lighting and cool air.

Restaurant Spotlight: Bob & Edith’s


For the best of the best when it comes to diners, Bob and Edith’s off Columbia Pike tops the list. An Arlington landmark for nearly four decades, Bob and Edith’s promises a traditional diner meal that is satisfying and just short of a heart attack.

PHOTO GALLERY: Bastille Day at La Cote d’Or in Falls Church


ONCE AGAIN ON BASTILLE DAY this year, Westmoreland Avenue on the border of Falls Church and Arlington was clogged with waiters from the La Cote D’Or restaurant competing for big prizes in their traditional race. The waiters carry full glasses on champagne on a tray down the street, around the corner, and back again. The […]