2024-06-14 8:17 AM

Movie Review: ‘Milk’

Biopics are tricky things. Filmmakers who undertake them are required to balance narrative flow with documented real-life experiences.

Annual YouthAIDS Gala Rocks Tysons Corner


The annual YouthAIDS Gala at the Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner once again gathered local well-heeled society and issue-conscious celebrities, headed by Ashley Judd, last Friday to raise money to fight HIV/AIDS.

Paul Krugman: Poverty Is Poison

"Poverty in early childhood poisons the brain." That was the opening of an article in Saturday's Financial Times, summarizing research presented last week at the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Anything But Straight: Florida Marriage Battle

With Republicans deeply dissatisfied with their presidential candidates they have turned to chicanery to try to steal the 2008 election. This time, they have recruited surrogates on the Religious Right to place a constitutional amendment banning gay unions on the ballot. Although they deny their intentions are politically motivated, it can hardly be a coincidence […]

Delegate Hull’s Richmond Report

Prelude to a Fight On Monday, the so-called money committees of the General Assembly held a joint meeting in Richmond to hear from Governor Kaine.

Anything But Straight: Obama

The Obama campaign hit a sour note when it chose to woo African American voters in South Carolina this weekend with a gospel concert featuring virulently homophobic and "ex-gay" gospel crooner Donnie McClurkin.

Jim Moran

The House is debating a resolution this week expressing Congress’ disapproval of the President’s escalation of over 20,000 troops. Over 36 hours of debate have been scheduled, allowing every member of the House five minutes to express their views on Iraq and the President’s surge option.

Jim Moran’s News Commentary

December is Universal Human Rights Month, a time to recognize that all human beings have the right to live freely without discrimination and to enjoy life with inherent dignity.