2024-07-17 6:51 PM

NBA Wizards’ Nick Young Visits Falls Church Fans


Rising Washington Wizards star Nick Young made a special appearance in the City of Falls Church last week, signing autographs and chatting with fans at the PNC Bank in the new Read Building on West Broad.

Press Pass with Stellastarr*


While Radiohead receives a ton of attention for its innovative sound and Death Cab for Cutie is constantly trumpeted for its profound lyrics, there may be no band out there with as much creative firepower as New York-based Stellastarr*.

Press Pass with Jesse McCartney


When Jesse McCartney titled his latest album Departure, he did so intending to indicate a change from the singing style that planted him on the pop scene with the release of 2004’s Beautiful Soul and also to note a recurring thematic element on the record. Now, with fans swooning over Departure’s smash single “Leavin’” it […]

Press Pass with G. Love & Special Sauce


Garrett Dutton has never really ridden at the forefront of the technology curve. Dutton, better known by his performing handle of G. Love, once swore he would never own a CD player, that he was only into vinyl. He caved. Now he has an iPod.

Restaurant Spotlight: Bob & Edith’s


For the best of the best when it comes to diners, Bob and Edith’s off Columbia Pike tops the list. An Arlington landmark for nearly four decades, Bob and Edith’s promises a traditional diner meal that is satisfying and just short of a heart attack.

Picking Splinters: Free Agents Are No Quick Fix for Nats

  This is getting old. Right? The Nats not playing well, it’s a little too reminiscent of all the seasons Washington fans wasted on the Senators, isn’t it? The fans — and the taxpayers that are footing the bill for the new ballpark — deserve better don’t they?

Hanson Doesn’t Stop at ‘Mmmbop’

It is extremely rare, since the days of Our Gang and Freddy Bartholomew to the present, for child performers to transition to successful adult careers in entertainment. Far more are the crash-and-burn accounts of used and abused kids whose lives wind up in the toilet as adults.