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The article, “The GOP Lockstep to Oblivion” by Nicholas F. Benton that appeared in your January 29, 2009 issue mischaracterizes Werner Erhard and est. Additional research has shown that there is no evidence that any corporations funded est, and there is no data that even suggests that Mr. Erhard had any pro-Nazi sentiments. Also, Mr. […]

Editorial: Fully Fund The Schools

Truth be told, it’s a problem unique to a small town. Faced with tough choices on budget cuts, the Falls Church City Council is up against a deadline and it seems bound to make someone unhappy.

Falls Church News Briefs

F.C. School Board Adopts $39.7 Million Budget The Falls Church School Board Tuesday night approved a $39.7 million budget for Fiscal Year 2010, coming in lower than the previous year’s number for the first time in the 60-year history of the system

Editorial: GOP Obstruction & Virginia Elections

President Obama’s State of the Union message Tuesday night focused directly on the interests of the American people in a way that hasn’t been heard in such an address this entire decade to date.

Our Man in Arlington

The celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the integration of Arlington’s Stratford Junior High School on February 2, 1958 was held at the school (now known as the H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program) last Monday evening.

PHOTO GALLERY: Mr. & Ms. Mason


At the ninth annual Mr. & Ms. Mason pageant held at George Mason High School last Thursday, a number of students underwent the rigorous review from judges to be crowned with their respective titles – with some fun along the way.

Nicholas F. Benton: Obama Conquers in 3 Weeks

The congressional consensus on President Obama’s nearly $800 billion stimulus package achieved yesterday was overshadowed by the second of the new administration’s one-two punch opening salvo to stem the rapidly-disintegrating global economy.