2024-07-23 7:10 PM

The Peak Oil Crisis: Smart Meters

It’s going to be an electric world. For those of you who have been following the peak oil story, it is becoming increasingly clear that liquid fuels for the average person’s transportation has a very short half-life. It won’t be long before we figure out that natural gas is too valuable for making stuff to […]

The Peak Oil Crisis: Transiting to Transit

With crude oil now above $120 a barrel and threatening to go higher, it is clear that our preferred and convenient means of going places, our car, the airplane and the rental car soon are going to be parked because they will be too expensive to operate.

Wine Taste Tests

TAMPA – Wine Spectator ratings, Robert Parker accolades, menu or wine shop descriptions, and, most important of all, a price tag. These are tools the wine enthusiast uses to set expectations about a wine.

The Peak Oil Crisis: Preparing For Depletion

News on the gasoline stockpile situation was delayed this week due to the Memorial Day holiday. As gasoline consumption figures over the long weekend won’t be available until the middle of next week, we may get a better insight into prospects for this summer then. While waiting, however, it seems like a good time to […]

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